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What? Another Blog?

What is the point of another blog about Technology or Business, or both on the internet?

The obvious and short answer is simply to provide a voice while having been listening. At the same time, the tremendous opportunity that the internet offers is in giving a direct feedback mechanism where this blog will also initiate a dialogue with you and listen to what you say.

After spending over a decade on the internet technology space, not only as a major content consumer but also later on as a modest content provider, I did not encounter out of the million blogs that exist out there, one that satisfied me with what I was looking for.

There is not a voice that explains in simple yet coherent terms what Business and Technology have in common… why companies should strategize in a different way and how they can execute on the phenomenal competitive advantage that Technology can offer.

NQ Logic is filling this gap and this blog will try to illustrate and explain current Business and Technology insights grounded in technological advancements, industry news, latest research and theories.

This blog will cover the many directions of the Communication and Information Technologies landscape through the lens of the business, societal and latest technological theories.

So this blog is an ideal companion for IT or Business executives in any industry or sector, who wants to understand the other part of the equation and bridge the gap between Business and Technology.

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