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Opening Explanation

The Netcraft Web Server Survey (a widely respected survey that attempts to contact each and every website that is accessible on the Internet) received 2,137,329 new responses in the month of June this year of 2009.

Besides the daunting yet humbling fact that nqlogic.com shared its space with another two million fellow newborns, the first cry was indeed delivered loud and clear to the digital world. And as the newborn enters the room, a new name shall be given with its share of heritage, force and conviction.

“It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

As Arthur eloquently detects there is no second chance to make a first good impression, and a name is certainly the unique opportunity to make the first resonating occurrence that leads to a pertinent, precise and persistent image in people minds. So please allow myself a chance to reveal the etymology of the newborn’s name.

NQLOGIC is a reference to the Quantum Logic (or "QLOGIC") applied multiple times ("N" in mathematical terms) to various dimensions, expertise and knowledge practice.

A century ago, Newton’s laws could explain all physical interactions in the universe, except at the quantum level. Their classic physical interactions behaved differently, and scientists struggled to find a unified theory to explain all physical interactions, those of the planets and the electrons. But, filtered through a different approach from the mathematics, driven by Einstein, a new explanation led to the revolutionary theory of Quantum Theory.

The company name is a reminder that reality should be filtered through the various scientific tools from multiple disciplines available to draw conclusions, like it was illustrated so well by the Quantum Theory.

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