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NQ Logic is a strategic consultancy with expertise in the Communication and Information Technologies field.

But very few people today are familiar with the term Communication and Information Technology yet everybody is involved deeply in it. Who today does not have a phone or an electronic equipment to exchange information, communicate with his or her environment? Even a fridge can talk to people and in different languages.

Re-branding an entire field so vital for the entire world economy is not an easy task. It will still take few more years to have its full transformation completed, especially because the previous re-branding is still not finished.

It all began in the late 40’s when a new field dedicated to electronic equipments emerged in laboratories and university research departments. Mastered by a handful of scientific types in white coats and large glasses, the computer industry was heavily sponsored by governments and consequent military budgets. The machine was essentially used to perform repetitive tasks at a “high” speed within a range of “acceptable” mistake ratio.

The first computer ever made, ENIAC
(Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer)
in 1946 was described in the press as a "Giant Brain".

From Computer to Information Technology

When the machine escaped from the lab and became “affordable” by large institutions, an entire ecosystem emerged with it. Businesses started understanding the potential use of the machine and it naturally evolved around the information and the new functionality performed by the silicon boxes. The machine became storage and therefore revolutionized the way people do business.

From Information Technology to Communication and IT

The extra C (for Communication) came into place only recently, and was a simple economic evolution. After few decades and many different technological revolutions, companies finally mastered the way the Information became immaterial and started to feel the need to exchange this piece of information with external parties. The Communication functionality moved its way in the industry brand, and nobody will ever imagine a business with no communication dimension.

Even though the Computer business has died from its natural world in the late 60’s, people are still referencing it. My guess is that it will take another evolution and few decades to fully integrate the Communication and Information Technology as a common concept or field in people’s minds.

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